It depends on what kind of paint is being used. Some sprays dry in minutes, while others need 24 hours to dry fully.

Regardless of the time it takes to dry, you should avoid spraying until the paint is completely dry because it may have clumped up and created a mess.

After the paint has dried, it’s best to test it out first before taking your device outside or leaving it unattended.

If you notice any issues with the way the spray dried on the screen of your device, discard this particular can of spray paint and choose a different brand.

Otherwise, spray from a distance of five inches away from the device and spray either two or three coats. Be sure to shake the can for a few minutes prior to using it, then test out your device after 30 seconds have passed.

If you’re satisfied with the appearance of your screen, go ahead and paint it completely with several coats of paint. It is best to wait about five minutes between each coat of paint.

After the final coat of paint has dried, put your device into a dust-free environment to avoid getting debris stuck on the screen before attaching it back to its frame.

So this is how long does it take Spray Paint to Dry.

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