First, take the wig out of the packaging and inspect it for any damages. Shake it out to remove any tangles.

Next, put your fingers through the part in your hair and gently pull up the area around your head to create a “donut” shape (the inside of your hairline).

The donut shape should be around the perimeter of your head and should not be too tight if you want it to look natural.

Lastly, place the wig on top of your head and adjust it by pushing it around your head to get the right fit.

The wig is ready to wear! No styling required. If you have short hair, get a lace front wig cap then cut out the middle bottom of the cap so that it becomes more of a donut shape.

You can also use double-sided tape or medical glue at the inner area of the cap to keep it in place. This will prevent you from having any gaps between your hair and the cap.

If you have permed or relaxed hair, you can also achieve an ideal fit with a wig cap. Start by parting your hair down the middle so that half of your hair is on each side, then carefully take one section on each side of your head (about two inches in width) and make the same “donut” shape over your head.

Be careful not to rip or tear the wig cap while you are putting it on. Cut out any areas of the wig cap that may be visible when wearing it with your natural hair down.

We hope this article was helpful!

So this is how to put on a Wig.

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