A chain is made up of links. A chain has an open side, and a closed side.

A link is made up of a head, which is connected to the open side of its link, and a shank, which is connected to the closed side of its link.

Chains are generally manufactured using either round or square links that have been linked together. You can tell if two links are one continuous piece by looking for open ends where they should be joined together.

First, draw a closed circle for each link width. Then, draw a line from the edge of one of the circles to the open end of another circle.

To join two links together, draw a line from one closed circle to the closed side of an open circle. Continue drawing lines that meet up with the edge of other circles until you have drawn all the chains that you need.

Then, erase the circles that aren’t part of your chains.

So this is how to draw Chains.

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