First, you take a twelve ounce can of chilled beer and hold it at a forty-five degree angle to your mouth.

Then, quickly insert the wide end of a plastic tube into the can and drink from the other end.

When done correctly, you will have consumed the entire thing in about one second.

It’s a good way to shotgun a beer if you want to get drunk really fast or impress someone. Be sure to use a clean tube, otherwise you might get sick.

More advanced drinkers will fill the plastic tube with beer to shotgun in one go. This is called taking an “absinthe drip”. Note that these methods are not recommended because you can spill beer on yourself or choke on the tube.

If you’re just starting out it is best to practice with water first. Try putting the tube in your mouth before inserting it into the can, this makes it easier to keep control of where you are aiming.

Once you’ve mastered the trick using one beer, try different beers or even cocktails! Some people also use funnels placed on top of opened cans instead of tubes. See what you can come up with.

It is not necessary to drink beer fast or even chug it down – drinking slowly and savoring the flavor will actually increase your enjoyment of the beverage.

Keep in mind that shotgunning involves consuming a large amount of alcohol quickly, so never drink and drive and be sure to have a designated driver if possible.

It is also wise to have some snacks available while shotgunning because it will probably make you thirsty and hungry.

While the history of the practice is unclear, most experts point to college drinkers in the United States refining the skill over the past few decades.

Shotgunning a beer is also sometimes called “Tapping the Keg.” In some circles, people will argue about whether they tap or pour the beer into the tube.

It doesn’t matter which you do as long as it looks cool and you enjoy doing it!

So this is how to shotgun a Beer.

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