Non-frozen, ready-to-eat foods should be consumed within the time frame recommended on the packaging. These products are safe to eat after this time frame as long as they still smell and taste good.

If in doubt, you can always call the manufacturers of these products to find out how long their products remain safe and tasty.

A ‘best before’ date that refers to the durability of a product when properly stored, and a freezing instruction that indicates for how long the product can be frozen.

The labels must always indicate :

– the actual date of minimum durability (best before)

– a freezing instruction if the product cannot be consumed immediately after purchase. This instruction may be ‘use immediately’ or a specific date or period.

If no freezing instruction is given, the product can be consumed even after the indicated best before date.

So this is how quickly must non frozen ready-to-eat foods be consumed.

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