If you’re not sure how to kiss somebody, don’t worry! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Look the person in the eyes and smile before you kiss them. This is a sign of appreciation and respect for them, and it will make the kiss more meaningful. This will make the person feel more comfortable kissing back too.
  • Kiss from either your left or right side. Starting with your left is usually more comfortable for most people since starting from your right would require crossing your body to reach their mouth.
  • Bring one hand up to hold their chin gently while you lean in and move in close to their face with the other one.
  • Pucker your lips and gently touch their lips with yours.
  • With your tongue, gently push away the persons top lip while pulling back slightly on the bottom one. This will open the mouth so you can slip in your tongue and kiss them properly.
  • Once your tongues are touching, move gently in a rhythmical manner.

So this is how to Kiss Someone.

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