The most important thing to remember when cleaning your earrings is not use any chemicals.

Soaps, perfumes, and lotions can be damaging to the delicate metal of earrings, causing them to tarnish and look dull.

You can purchase special jewelry washes or use things like rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or lemon juice (to prevent tarnishing) with warm water.

It’s also important to remember that the most common way for people to get their earrings dirty is from makeup residue.

This residue can be removed using a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol on it. Be sure not to rub too hard or dig around in your earlobe as this can cause damage to your ears or break off the tip of your earring.

To store your earrings, a good option is a pill container or small Ziploc bag where you can keep track of what’s in them and how many pairs you have.

The best way to store the earrings is by putting them back on their original piece of cardboard or backing.

To protect your ear rings from tarnishing, it would be a good idea to store your earrings in an airtight container such as a small makeup bag or pill box.

You can also purchase plastic storage cases for earrings, which are relatively inexpensive and usually come with little dividers so you can organize by type of earring (studs, hoops, etc.).

So this is how to clean Earrings.

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