French kissing, also called “tongue kissing,” is a type of kiss that involves two people pressing their lips against each other while one or both tongues are in contact with the other person’s mouth.

This form of kissing usually leads to arousal, but can also be an expression of love or closeness between two people, depending on the situation.

French kissing can be tricky to do, but once you’ve mastered the technique, sharing a French kiss with your partner will be an immensely enjoyable experience.

You’ll need to make sure your teeth are not in contact with one another. Do this by setting one of your tongues on the other person’s teeth and then sliding up their tongue until it reaches the part of their mouth that isn’t behind their teeth.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have to open your mouth just enough so that your partner’s tongue can enter inside. The key is to keep both tongues fully touching so there’s no space between them.

Doing this may require a little maneuvering at first, but once you get the feel for what you’re doing, you’ll be able to French kiss with practically anyone easily.

So this is how to French Kiss.

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