Some people in the West may not know how to use chopsticks. Chances are, you’ve seen them before, but you may not know what to do with them. Here are the basics of using chopsticks:

First, make sure your thumb is securely on one end of the chopstick and your index finger is on the other end. You’ll hold that end like a pencil or pen. Your middle finger then goes into the area between the two sticks (this allows for control).

Now, here’s where it’s different than using a pencil or pen; if you want to pick something up off your plate, simply tilt bota stick to put pressure on its tip and gently touch what you want to pick up. As you use the chopsticks, your movement will become more fluid.

Remember to keep your fingers curled in so you don’t stab anyone with the second chopstick! Also, don’t point them at other people or flick them around. You may get stares from fellow diners if you are seen doing these things. If you need to move bowls or plates, simply place your sticks on the table.

That’s all there is to it! You can eat pretty much everything in Japan with chopsticks. Some places are more formal than others when it comes to using them, but honestly, if you can use a fork and knife well enough, you’ll do fine. There are even special chopsticks designed for children or people with disabilities to use.

So this is how to eat with chopsticks.

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