Are you struggling with how to get rid of creases in shoes? Well, luckily for you, I have a few tips on how to get rid of bad creases in your shoes. I’m not sure what kind of shoe you’re talking about here, but let’s just say that they’re flats.

First of all, it’s important to know what type of material the shoes are made from. If they’re leather, vinyl, pleather or plastic, then use a dry cloth and a bit of elbow grease to get out the pesky crease.

If they’re made from a fabric such as cotton or wool (wool may need some steam), don’t use anything too wet or warm because this could shrink the fabric and/or cause discoloration.

Try using a thin brush (make-up brushes work great) with the bristles cut short to get into tight creases, but be careful not to stretch out the sides of the shoe where you don’t want them too!

Depending on how serious the crease is, try this method with a household iron. First of all, put the iron on the lowest setting it has (cotton or linen), then place a piece of cloth over the crease and gently press down for around 15 seconds.

Repeat if necessary. Be careful not to burn your precious shoes!

For more serious creases, you can try using your iron on the steam setting. Place a cloth over the crease and keep it moist by spraying with water every so often, then gently press down with your iron for around 15 seconds. Repeat if necessary.

When all else fails, you can always try using an old nail/jeweler’s file to get rid of those bad creases. Gently rub the file over the crease and you should be able to get rid of them with a little bit of elbow grease!

And there you have it. Now your shoes will look fresh and new again in no time at all!

We do this using an old toothbrush and some shoe polish, depending on what type of material the shoe is made from. Hope this helps 🙂

So that’s how to uncrease shoes.

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