If you’re wondering how to cleanse crystals, the first thing you’ll need to do is fill a bowl with some saltwater.

Make sure that the water is as warm as it can be so that it will feel nice and refreshing.

Then, take your crystals out of their packaging and place them in the water. Leave them there for fifteen minutes or so before removing them and drying them off. You can even use a little bit of rubbing alcohol to rinse them off before you dry them with a towel.

After you cleanse crystals, rocks, stones or minerals once in a while, they are supposed to have more clarity and be able to absorb energy more easily.

The salt that is in the water is said to clear out any negative energy that is clogging the energy field. Energy is said to be blocked when your crystals are covered in dirt, dust or grime.

Therefore, if they are clean and shiny, you will be able to easily see what they have to offer for their power.

You can then meditate with them or do whatever else you want with them. The cleansing process can be done whenever you decide to clean your crystals, but once every two weeks will suffice.

Many people are saying that the reason why they have so much prosperity in their lives is because they do this before they go to bed.

This will allow them to recharge and get ready for the next day. Without the proper cleansing, crystals can’t give you whatever it is that they have to offer.

So this is how you can cleanse crystals.

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