Parallel parking is a driving maneuver in which a driver arranges their automobile perpendicularly to the then current position of the vehicle in front of them, permitting that vehicle to pull out.

This maneuver can be done on either side of an avenue or street, but there are distinctions in the angle for this type of parking depending on whether it is done on the right or left hand side of an avenue.

Let’s learn how to parallel park:

1. When approaching the parking space, check to make sure there are no vehicles in the front.

2. If the space is clear, move as close as you can to the parking space without hitting anything.

3. Turn your wheel so that the car’s front bumper is as close as possible to the side of the other vehicle without touching it and turn your front wheels so they point outwards from the vehicle you’re parallel parking next to. Put on your signal and then slowly drive into that spot while turning your steering wheel back towards the other car’s rear bumper and continuing to steer away from it.

4. Keep an eye on your side-view mirror to make sure that the front of your car is close enough to the space between you and the other vehicle without touching it.

5. At this point, brake until your front wheels are just behind the rear tires of the other car. Continue braking until you’re not moving anymore.

6. Put the car in reverse and back up a little bit, keeping an eye on your dash board. Keep going until you can see some of the other car’s rear tires between yours.

7. Push the brakes again to come to a complete stop and keep checking your mirror as you slowly begin rolling backwards into the parking spot. Make sure you’re always watching the rear tires of the other car between yours as you back into your spot.

8. At a certain point during the process, it will be necessary to turn your wheel completely away from the parking space and begin driving forward again in order to make room for your rear tires.

9. When you can see the rear tires of the other car between your front two, turn your wheel back towards the parking space and continue backing up until you’re level with it.

10. At this point, take a second to make sure everything is still clear before pulling forward into your spot.

11. Turn off the car and you are now in your spot.

So this is how you can easily parallel park your vehicle.

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