In Gmail, you can create an unlimited number of variants for the same email address.

You may do this in two ways: by adding a phrase (“plus-addressing”) or by adding a “period i.e. dot” to your address.

This isn’t only a Gmail trick; several other email clients can also generate an endless number of addresses.

Let’s see how it works.

How to Make Unlimited Email Addresses with Gmail

How to Make Infinite Gmail Addresses by adding Plus Sign

Gmail ignores any words added to your address after a plus sign (i.e. before, allowing you to have an infinite number of email accounts all utilizing the same Gmail inbox.

For example, emails sent to [email protected], for example, will still appear in your inbox if your email address is [email protected].

How to Make Infinite Gmail Addresses by adding Period (dot)

Let’s assume your Gmail account is [email protected]. The email will still be delivered to your account if a “period” is placed before the “@” symbol.

For example, [email protected] and [email protected], both will work well and the email will land in your [email protected] inbox.

What are the Practical uses and benefits of this

  • You wish to register for an online service.
  • To filter emails and labeling incoming emails automatically.
  • For creating numerous accounts on websites that don’t allow you to use the same email address.
  • To keep your inbox tidy and organized.

So this is how to create unlimited Gmail addresses for one inbox.

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