Do you use Microsoft Teams often, then I am going to share with you some of the best slash commands that can increase your speed and efficiency while using this communication tool.

If you are not familiar with what a slash command is then let me tell you that, a slash command is basically a short written word or phrase, that initiates a specific action within an app when preceded by a slash (/).

Slash commands are intended to make your common tasks quicker and easier without having to take your hands away from the keyboard.

How to Increase Speed & Efficiency in Microsoft Teams with Slash Commands

Here are the best slash commands for enhancing your productivity and speed.

You can use a command by typing / or the below slash commands in the command box at the top of Teams.

  • /available – changes your Teams status to “Available”.
  • /goto – to jump to a team or a channel.
  • /busy – changes your Teams status to “Busy”.
  • /away – changes your Teams status to “Away”.
  • /files – allows you to see your recent files.
  • /help – you can get help with Teams.
  • /keys – to view a list of all keyboard shortcuts.
  • /call – allows you to call someone directly.
  • /chat – you can send a quick message to someone.
  • /activity – to view someone’s activity.
  • /dnd – changes your Teams status to “Do Not Disturb”.
  • /whatsnew – to see what’s new in Teams.
  • /mentions – to view all your mentions.
  • /join – you can join a Team.
  • /saved – you can see your saved list.
  • /unread – for viewing your unread activity.
  • /org – view an organization chart.
  • /out – send an out of office message.
  • /online – you can set your status to “Online”.
  • /calendar – view and schedule meetings.
  • /testcall – Check your call quality.
  • /wiki – Add a quick note.

Microsoft Teams with Slash Commands

I hope you will find this article useful and informative.

You can get more information on this topic by visiting – Microsoft Help.

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