Let’s see how you can zest a lemon.

  • Slice about an inch off both ends of the lemon.
  • Hold the lemon over a bowl so you don’t lose any seeds, and use your chef’s knife to slice down the middle of the skin.
  • If there is any visible white pith in your slices, trim it off with the knife (it will be quite thin).
  • Turn your knife around and use it to loosen each section of peel that is still attached to the fruit.
  • Pull up on the peel with your hand to remove it entirely in one piece, taking care not to tear it (try not to let it come apart at all).
  • Hold the peel over the bowl in one hand and use your fingers to slide all of the essential oils out.
  • Use a sharp knife to slice up your lemon sections and put them into the mixing container at this time.
  • Mix together with a spoon or small whisk until thoroughly combined. Enjoy!

So this is how you can zest a lemon.

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