SiteStripe is an excellent tool for Amazon product link creation that can be found in the Amazon Associates toolbar.

It’s a quick and simple method to insert a product link or image into your website. This is due to the fact that SiteStripe generates short links without ever leaving the product page.

Let’s learn how to Use Amazon SiteStripe.

What is SiteStripe?

SiteStripe is an easy-to-use desktop application that is used to create Amazon product links without the need to go to Associates Central.

SiteStripe allows you to create Amazon Associate links directly from the Amazon website.


SiteStripe will show at the top of every Amazon page once it is activated by you, giving you quick and easy access to creating and sharing links.

Features of SiteStripe

Some of the key SiteStripe features are:

  • Get Link: Text: This feature is the most commonly used feature and it allows you to build short and long links from the Amazon page you are currently viewing. After that, copy and paste them into your webpage.
  • Get Link: Image – This feature allows you to build image links from the Amazon product page you are currently viewing.
  • Get Link: Text+Image – This feature is excellent for building text and image links to the Amazon product page that you are viewing currently.


  • Native Shopping Ads: Custom – This feature is great for creating a Custom ad variant of Native Shopping Ads in a Card format.
  • Share: on Twitter or Facebook – This feature allows you to share the product to Twitter or Facebook that includes a link to the current Amazon page being browsed.
  • Earnings – This will open up your Earnings Summary report.
  • Help – You will be redirected to the SiteStripe help page.

How to use Amazon SiteStripe

To use Amazon Associates SiteStripe, you have to first activate it. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon Associates account and click on “Tools” and then “SiteStripe“, and then “Learn More“.

Step 2: Once you’ve landed at the SiteStripe page where you will see “Display Settings“. Now, you have to make sure that the “Display Status” has a green “Enabled” under it.


Step 3: If SiteStripe isn’t turned on or is shown as “Disabled” in the Display Status, just turn it on and return to the home page.

Step 4: Verify that SiteStripe is now enabled by visiting a product page and looking for the toolbar at the top of the page.

Step 5: Now it’s time to start linking and sharing your favorite products with your followers! In SiteStripe, you can create a link that is associated with your store ID.


So this is how you can use Amazon Associates SiteStripe for Amazon affiliate marketing.

I hope you found this tutorial useful and informative. In case you have any questions or comments, you can ask them in the comments section given below.


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