The easiest way to use a lighter is to hold it with your thumb and index finger, and then depress the trigger with your middle finger.

If you don’t have a flame when you release the trigger, keep pressing it: sometimes you need to press it up to five times for the gas flow to reconnect and ignite. Once your flame is on, turn off the gas by depressing the lever on the side of the lighter.

In an emergency, you can put a little bit of cloth in the lighter and light it. This is not recommended as a general practice because cloth burns very easily.

If you do this, make sure to always have a metal lid or a bucket of water standing by so that you can extinguish the fire immediately after using it.

If your lighter will not light, you can also heat it. Make sure to use a soft cloth or something similar because the metal part of the lighter gets very hot.

Turn the lighter upside down and hold it over something that is non-flammable — an ashtray or metal bucket are good choices. If there’s any gas left in the lighter, it should ignite when you hold the lighter like this.

If you take care of your lighter, it will last for years or even decades. Keep it clean by wiping off any buildup around the flint wheel with a cotton swab.

So this is how to use a Lighter.

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