If you want to know how to uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 10, then this short and quick article will help you.

Let’s begin:

How to Uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 10

Step 1: First you need to exit “Teams” if it is already open. You can do this by right-clicking on the Teams icon in the taskbar and then selecting “Close window”.

Step 2: Click the “Start” button on Windows, then go to Settings > Apps. Click on Apps.


Step 3: After clicking “Apps” you will see “Apps & Features“, scroll down and look for “Teams“.


Step 4: Select Microsoft Teams and click “Uninstall“. A window will open to ask for confirmation. You need to select “Yes“.


So this is how to uninstall Microsoft Teams from your Windows PC.

You can also remove Teams using the conventional Control Panel. You need to go to the Control Panel > Programs  > Uninstall a Program. Now search for “Teams,” and uninstall Microsoft Teams.

How to Uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 10

Important Points re Uninstalling Microsoft Teams

According to Microsoft’s website notes:

  1. If you uninstall Microsoft Office then Microsoft Teams will be deleted as well.
  2. Microsoft Teams will be added if you reinstall Office or do an online repair.
  3. When installing Office, administrators can prevent the installation of Teams.

So that’s it.

I hope that you have found this tutorial useful and informative. In case you still have any questions or comments, you can ask them in the comments section given below.

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