If your wipers refuse to start, you may need to replace the wiper blades. If this is not your case, then there may be dirt or other debris on the windshield that will interfere with the wipers’ effectiveness.

You can try using a squeegee or scraper to remove any debris from the window surface before turning on the wipers again.

When trying to start the wipers, do not hold down the stalk for more than 10 seconds. If they still don’t work, then your wiper blades may be worn out and need replacing.

Worn out wiper blades can cause streaks on your windshield that will interfere with visibility. Make sure they are required or check if they fit properly.

If the wipers continue to streak after replacing the blades or if they fail to turn on at all, turn off your wipers and check the fuse box under the driver’s side dash for any burnt fuses. If fuses are found to be blown, get a replacement from your local parts store and install it.

So this is how to turn on Windshield Wipers.

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