A tie, or necktie, is a long piece of cloth that is usually worn around the neck and under the shirt collar.

It can be casually dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. In many cultures, men wear ties as a symbol of their career status. The tie has been documented since the 1500s.

First, place the tie around your neck so one end hangs down at least two inches longer than the other end.

Thread both ends through your fingers until they reach the center of your chest. With your right hand, take hold of both ends and begin to wind them to create a knot with an overhand grip.

Bring both ends together again and bring them over the knot as you make several loops around your neck.

This should be a snug fit. Adjust the length of the two ends to your preference and flatten both sides before tightening.

So this is how to tie a Tie.

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