Gather the knot and tie it to the end of the balloon. The knot should be right next to the end of the balloon. Tape can also be used to hold them together.

Take one of the pencils and tape it to the end of the balloon. You may need to do some adjusting before it is secured properly.

Tape the other pencil to your desk or table. This pen should be kept stationary while you are inflating.

Press down on the balloon with your hand (glove optional) and start inflating the balloon with your mouth.

Blow it up until it pops or until you can’t blow any harder. You may wish to keep a finger over the end of the balloon to prevent air from leaking out.

If you are using big balloons, getting them to pop can be very difficult at first. The larger they are, the harder it is to pop them.

The knot must not be on top of the pencil or the balloon will spin uncontrollably. A good place for the knot is just above where you are holding it down with your hand.

The knot should also be entirely within the circle created by the pencils’ eraser ends so that there is no way for the balloon to slip out.

If the pencils are not taped securely, you may notice that your balloon falls off as soon as it is inflated.

This will make it considerably harder to pop the balloons and may cause them to fly across the room rather than slowly float up. If this happens, re-secure the pencils first then inflate the balloon again.

So this is how to tie a Balloon.

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