This is a common problem for many people who are in their early twenties. Your parents wouldn’t be too happy about you having a girlfriend because they want you to be focusing on your studies and not dating.

There are some steps that you can take to tell your parents that you have a girlfriend without angering them.

The first step is to find the best time to talk to them. This could be at dinner or when they come home from work; either way, pick the right time so it’s not as stressful for you both.

When they do come home, make sure you look them in the eye and greet them with “I need to talk to you” or “I wanted talk to you about something.” If your parents are not good at picking up hints, you can simply tell them straight up.

When you do tell them, make sure to speak calmly and clearly. Don’t raise your voice because that will only cause tension between both of you.

You might say something like “There’s this girl that I really like” or “I’ve been seeing someone and I wanted to talk to you about her.” Be sure to smile and be friendly when saying this.

If they ask you questions like “What’s she like?” and “How did you meet her?”, answer them truthfully without leaving anything out. The more information that they know, the better it is for you both.

It might take some time for them to fully understand the situation. If they don’t say anything back, it means that they need more time to process everything because it is not an easy thing for parents to digest.

Continue talking with them and be sure to answer all their questions. When your parents see how serious you are about this girl, they will slowly begin accepting her.

Once your parents come around to the idea of you having a girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that they will like her immediately.

They probably need more time to get used to seeing their son with another girl besides their daughter.

This is why they would most likely want you spend less time with your girlfriend because they fear that they might lose you.

Just continue spending time with them and be friendly around the house. Be sure to say “hi” when you see them or just smile at them.

You can also show that you love your girlfriend by hugging her in front of them, kissing her on the cheek, holding her hand or putting an arm around her back. Show them how much you care for one another and they might open up to her in time.

After a few months, your parents will probably begin treating your girlfriend like part of the family.

During this period, continue being friendly with your girlfriend around them even when it’s just you two home alone. Just be sure not to leave anything out because they don’t like it when people keep secrets from them.

So this is how to Tell your Parents you have a Girlfriend.

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