There are a few ways to tell if your cat still has kittens inside.

You can take it to your vet’s office or contact them through their website, but there are also some signs you can look for that may indicate that the cat is pregnant.

Some cats will go off their feed, so you should check with your veterinarian about how much weight they have lost since they’ve gotten pregnant. They’ll also have swollen nipples which are easier to see if the fur is shaved.

If you feel around, you should be able to feel a “buttons” in the belly which will get bigger as time goes on.

The nipples will get larger and appear to look like raisins or dried apricots. If your cat is still intact (not spayed), be aware for any male cats hanging around the house/yard.

You can also tell by holding the cat up to a light source, where you’ll be able to see the kittens through her stomach.

Be aware that cats can have false pregnancies which will mimic all of the signs listed here, but the cat isn’t actually pregnant. This is more common than actual pregnancies in cats.

So this is how to tell if cat still has kittens inside.

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