A horse can be tamed through many methods. One of these methods is the “hacking method” which involves feeding the horse at random intervals throughout the day so that it knows it will always be able to get food.

Another way is to use ropes and control the horse by pulling on its reins, then by leading it into a pen. There are many ways to tame horses, but some are more successful than others.

Hackers and trainers generally disagree on which method is best.

Many hackers argue that horses can only be tamed through hacking; while others claim that horses should be hacked over a period of time until they are completely tamed, this takes at least two months to do, but the end result is a stronger bond between horse and human.

Trainers claim that hacking is not the best way to tame horses; they argue that training is a much easier and more successful method.

Horses (and many other animals as well) can be tamed through hacking or training.

So this is how to tame a Horse.

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