To string a fishing pole, start by attaching the line to the reel with the right spool of line.

Wrap the line around the outside part of the reel. Thread your line onto the hook of the fishing pole.

Pull the end of your line back through your eyelet on the reel. Feed out extra fishing line from spool below and pull to tighten.

Loop a knot at the end of the line, called an anchor knot.

To make an anchor knot, take a small amount of the loose end of the line and tie it around another part of the line with a knot.

Then, tie another knot right on top of that one. You should have two simple knots tied right on top of each other.

To attach your fishing line onto the hook itself, thread the end through the gap in between where the wide part and narrow part connect to make leashes.

Pull it all the way down through the gap. End by threading it back up and tying another anchor knot right on top of this one to finish your hook.

To attach weights, tie them onto your fishing line at one or two points along the line. To attach lures, bait or more hooks into the loose end of the line after you have attached your weights.

To cast the line, hold the fishing pole with your dominant hand and pinch the loose end of your line between your thumb and finger with your other hand to hold it taut.

Point it away from yourself, not across. Start by drawing back slightly but don’t flick it forward just yet. That is called false casting. When you cast it out, let go of the line.

To reel in the line, re-grab the loose end and gently pull down to draw your catch up to you.

To keep your line from tangling while reeling in, slowly rotate the spool with your free hand as you draw in.

When done fishing, unknot the line and wind it back on the spool.

So this is how to string a Fishing Pole.

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