There are a few different methods in which you can stop a hiccup.

The first is simply to drink a glass of water until the hiccup is gone. Secondly, you can take a spoonful of sugar and hold it in your mouth until the hiccup is gone.

Lastly, you can eat or drink something that tastes really bad or spicy.

If you have a hiccup that just won’t stop, try going up to the top of a flight of stairs and then going back down.

This will cause your body’s natural gag reflex to kick in and the hiccup should be gone when you get back to the bottom. You can also put your hand on your cheek or chin and push up until you feel your gag reflex kick in.

If you are experiencing hiccups, try to catch them so that they don’t become violent or continue for a long period of time.

Catching the hiccup will help to stop it before these problems can occur. Many people find that if they flex their stomach muscles as they begin to hiccup, they can stop the spasms.

Another method of stopping a hiccup is to put your hand on your stomach and press down as if you are going to burp. By doing this repeatedly it will often help to stop a hiccup from starting or continuing.

Rubbing your chin, pressing on your chest, or holding your breath will not stop a hiccup once it has started. This is why you should catch the hiccup when it is just beginning in order to stop it.

When trying to cure a case of the hiccups that won’t go away, try drinking water from the opposite side of a glass. So, if you are right-handed try drinking from the left side of a glass. This forces your body to turn in unnatural ways which can help stop hiccups because it puts pressure on different parts of your esophagus.

Another way to get rid of the hiccups is to hold your breath for as long as you can and then let it back slowly. This is usually most helpful when the hiccups are brought on by drinking too much or eating something spicy.

Another method to stop hiccups is to drink a glass of water with two teaspoons of sugar stirred into it. The sugar can be used as an easy way to cure hiccups without using any weird or complicated methods.

One final way to stop hiccups is by holding your breath for as long as you can and then, once the need to inhale becomes unbearable, exhale slowly through your nose. This will help your body’s natural gag reflex kick in and it should stop the hiccups from continuing after a few seconds.

So this is how you can stop hiccups.

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