To stick balloons on the wall, you will need to buy some party balloons. You may also need some tacks or hooks.

Clear the space on your wall where you want to hang them by taping it off with blue painters tape.

Push a tack into the place you want your first balloon to be, then blow up the balloon and put one end of it against the tack. You can now remove the blue tape. Repeat with as many balloons as you would like!

If you are using tacks, place them about 10 inches apart. If you are hanging them with string or wire, put them closer together so they don’t sag in the middle.

It is best to work from the top down when hanging balloons on a wall. This will prevent any possible problems near the ceiling! The only exception to this is if you are using wire or string. In this case, you will probably need to work from the bottom up so that the balloons hang straight down and do not curve over.

Make sure your chosen spot on the wall can support your balloon decorations. If you’re worried about it supporting the weight of balloons, then try hanging a couple of other things from it first, such as a picture frame or mirror.

You should have some string, wire, or fishing line so you can hang your balloons from each tack/hook.

Try not to use yarn because the balloons will be too heavy for it and will tear through! It’s also important that whatever weighted material you’re using is strong enough to support the weight of your balloons. Don’t use fishing line because it’s too thin and will snap easily.

If you’re using fishing line, put a couple of pencils in the balloon so it has something to hang from and won’t fall while you tie it up. You can now pull the pencils back out. If you’re using string or wire, try to find something heavy but slender that you can tie onto your balloons and hang from your tack/hook.

So this is how to stick Balloons on Wall.

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