A great way to start a small business is by taking on a few painting projects from friends, family members, and neighbors. Once you have completed the jobs that you have been given, you can then advertise your services in your local newspaper or online. Offer all of the services that you are willing to complete such as residential and commercial painting.

You can also create a website with a portfolio of all of the work that you have done in order to better promote yourself to potential clients. Be sure to include information about how much it will cost for them to hire your business for their project.

Also, be sure to include some information about what they will get for the amount that they are paying.

For example, if you are offering to paint their house, include the number of coats and quality of paint that you will use along with how long it will take you to complete the job. You can always offer help with selecting colors in order to make it clear that you are not just offering a service, but will also be there for them as part of the project.

If you are not sure how long it will take you to complete your first painting projects, estimate on the high side so that you don’t undersell yourself. Having more time than necessary can give you some breathing room in case you run into some unexpected problems. Make sure that you are paid up front for your services and only work with the highest quality materials.

You can find more information about protecting yourself when paying your employees here. As well, keep records of all contracts that you sign in order to protect yourself if anything goes wrong. It may take a little time for people to trust you enough to hire your services, but having a website that they can visit will help them to become more familiar with you and the work that you do.

By taking on small painting jobs first, it will allow you to gain some clientele as well as advertise yourself without going into debt. Your first paid jobs will help you start a small business much faster because you will have money in the bank to buy materials for your next project.

So this is how to Start a Painting Business.

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