If you want to start a candle business, first, take the time to do your research. You should find suppliers of candles and other related products.

Also find wholesalers who may carry these items so you don’t have to keep making purchases every month. You’ll need a website or blog too where people can buy from you online. A good place to sell your candles is through Etsy or eBay if they allow it.

You’ll also need a name for your business and a logo design. The design for the logo needs to be clean and simple so it will look good on all of your materials, including your packaging and website or blog page.

Think about how you want the branding of your company to look – that’s important in business in general, but it’s especially important in the candle business.

Again, research is key to starting a successful candle company. You’ll need to know what ingredients are going into your candles and how they burn when you make them.

It’s also good to know how much wax is in each candle that you make because you might want to adjust your recipes to compensate for shrinkage.

You’ll need wick, some melting pots or tins, labels, packaging material and some measuring utensils.

If you are using tins for candle molds you will also need some muffin tins to make the wicks stand up straight in the tins while the wax is cooling.

Choosing a name for your candle company is important and there’s no “one size fits all” rule. The more you sell online the better chance you have of people finding you, so make sure your business name doesn’t get cut off in search engine result pages (SERPs).

It helps to choose a unique name that will catch the eye of people doing a search. To get more exposure you can add your keywords to the end of your name.

Pick out some awesome fonts for the labels on your candles and on your packaging too, if you decide on that.

Don’t go with cheesy clip art or fonts that look like they were from Microsoft Word in the 90’s. Make your logo clean and attractive. Create a banner for your website if you don’t already have one.

Once you’re up and running you can begin to advertise on sites like Google Adwords, Bing Ads or Facebook.

You can buy candles wholesale online if you choose, which is probably more cost effective than making them yourself.

It’s also good to know how much you should charge for your candles so you won’t be stuck with unsold inventory in your garage when the next season rolls around. You’ll need to get it out there so that people can buy them.

One of the best ways to promote your business is through social media platforms. These are free and they have millions of users, so set up accounts for your company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram if you haven’t already.

Post photos of the candles you make or ones that you like and say positive things about them. If you do, your customers will take notice and they may buy some for themselves.

So this is how to start a Candle Business.

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