There are a variety of ways to soundproof your door. One of the easiest and cheapest solutions is using felt or foam squares that can be cut to any size and then glued or sewed onto the door.

To soundproof a door, you can buy some felt or foam squares and the appropriate glue to attach them to the door. This will help create a seal against noise coming from outside your home.

1. To soundproof your door, measure the width and height of the door you want to cover. You can also use a tape measure or string to mark out the size before measuring it out with a ruler. Make sure you allow room for any hinges attached to your door because you will need to glue/sew around them.

2. Decide how many felt squares you want to attach to the door and then add an extra 3cm [1-inch] all around each square for a seam allowance when attaching them together using a glue gun or sewing machine. Mark out your measurements onto a piece of paper so that it’s easier to plan where exactly you will place each piece.

3. Place some newspaper on the ground and lay out all your felt squares to make sure that they will fit together nicely on your door without too many gaps or overlaps. You can measure this with a tape measure if you want a more accurate result, but it’s not essential for this project.

4. If you want to, sketch out what your door will look like when you have glued all the pieces in place. This will help you plan exactly where each piece of felt or foam squares should go so they are in the right position. Once you are happy with the placement, remove the squares and glue them together using your glue gun or sewing machine.

5. Once the squares are securely attached, attach them to the door by slipping the edges under any hinges or screws, then press firmly onto the door so that they stick in place. If you have used a glue gun, this will be quick and easy to do.

6. If you have sewn your felt pieces together along the edges, be sure to sew them onto the door in the same position so they don’t move.

Now you can go about your day without having to worry about any noise jarring you while you’re trying to get on with other things.

So this is how to Soundproof a Door.

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