In this article, you will learn how to Solve a Rubix Cube.

Let’s get started!

How to Solve a Rubix Cube

First, line up the middle, white side of the cube with the white dots facing you.

Next, match each color on each side to get one solid color all around.

Rotate the left layer until the white dot is aligned with the next color on that layer. Match up all 6 colors in that line to complete that layer.

Rotate the right layer so that its corresponding letter matches up to the next layer’s letter. Match up all 6 colors in this line to complete it.

Now, do this for layers 3 and 4, but only match up 2 colors instead of 6 because there are only two sides with 3 or more colors that need matching. Layer 3 should have three colors, while layer 4 should have four colors.

Finally, rotate the edges to match up with one color (it doesn’t matter which) and complete all sides simultaneously.

This is how to solve a Rubix cube step by step!

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