To begin the process of soldering wires, make sure that they are clean by wiping them with a damp sponge to remove any dirt or grime. Be careful not to introduce any moisture when you are wiping the wire.

Make sure that your iron is plugged in and turn it on until it reaches its heat setting. Test your iron with a scrap piece of metal to ensure that it is up to temperature before you start soldering.

Hold the iron’s tip near the edge of one of the wires and let it heat up for only a few seconds at a time. Touch it gently to where there are no gaps in between either wire or solder, but don’t push too hard.

Place the solder underneath the wire so that it will melt over the wire when the iron touches the junction. Once you have a nice bead of solder around the wire, move your soldering iron to another location and repeat the process.

After both wires are secured, use your pliers to cut off any excess pieces of either wire that hang out from underneath the solder point.

To clean your wire, use a dirt-free sponge with cold water to wipe it down.

So that’s how to solder wires.

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