Some people try to shrink their jeans by throwing them in the dryer; this does not work.

Others may fill up a pot with water and boil it, then place the jeans in it for an hour or two; this method actually shrinks your jeans.

The best way to shrink your jeans is to put them in hot water with some Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap; leave them there for about 20 minutes or until they are wet enough; then use the boiling water method.

This works best if you have a pair of jeans that are way to big, but not enough for the second-hand store.

1. What is shrinkage?

Shrinkage is when clothes get smaller because they’ve been put in the dryer too many times or have been left in the washing machine too long after being washed.

2. How do you avoid shrinkage?

To avoid shrinkage, only buy clothes that say “dry clean” or “machine wash cold.” Avoid washing your clothes with hot water and put them in the dryer as little as possible.

General Tips:

– Never use hot water when washing dark clothes it will fade the color.

– If you are washing a red item, add some salt to your water to avoid bleeding of colors.

– If your looking for just a small amount of shrinkage, try using the ‘hang dry’ option on your laundry machine.

– For short term sizing maybe use hot or boiling water to shrink clothes.

– Hanging your clothes to dry, instead of using the “dryer” will reduce shrinking and fading of color.

– If you’re looking for more of a permanent sizing, use hot water and soap to shrink clothes in the washer and then use hot water and a longer drying cycle in the dryer.

– If you want to shrink new jeans, always wash them in cold water.

– To avoid shrinkage of clothes try to buy laundry detergent that doesn’t have bleach, fabric softener or wrinkle protector added.

– If your trying to shrink another piece of clothing but it’s not working put it back in the washer with some Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap and let it soak for about 20 minutes, then put it in the hot boiling water again.

– You can also try to dry your clothes on high heat to avoid shrinkage.

– If you are trying to shrink a pair of jeans, make sure they’re 100% cotton or at least 50% cotton.

– To avoid shrinkage of clothes try using the ‘delicate’ cycle on your washing machine and wash in cold water.

– When you get a new piece of clothing, always wash it according to the directions before wearing it.

– If you want short term sizing use hot or boiling water to shrink clothes.

– To avoid shrinkage of clothes avoid using bleach and use a low heat to dry your clothes.

– Hang drying your clothes instead of using the “dryer” will reduce shrinking and fading color.

– You can also try washing your jeans in baking soda, which is gentle enough for the materials, to remove dirt and odors.

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