A lot of people have a hard time setting a mouse trap, but it’s actually pretty easy.

All you need to do is set the trap so that the metal wire is sitting on top of the plastic or cardboard bait.

You can either use a piece of cheese, peanut butter, chocolate or any other food as bait.

The mouse will crawl through the opening and its head will get caught by the metal.

Once an animal steps onto the trigger plate, it releases a door that locks in place and traps the animal inside.

The trap is designed to kill the mouse with a powerful metal bar that smashes the rodent. You can also use this design for moles, chipmunks and other animals.

Another option is to set the trap inside the wall using an alligator clip, which will provide power through your home’s wiring.

This way, no batteries are required and the trap will wirelessly deliver a deadly shock when an animal steps onto the metal plate.

So this is how to set a Mouse Trap.

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