In this era that is focused highly on marketing strategies, email marketing continues to hold its significance.

Sometimes there’s a need for you to send an email out to multiple people, perhaps even regularly.

Not only marketing but there can also be other motives. Maybe you’re changing your email address and want to update everyone. Or, maybe you’re going off-grid for some time and won’t be available for communication.

Whatever the reason, it’s useful to send a mass email in Gmail to a group of contacts.

However, not everyone wants to splurge for enterprise-level email marketing programs and that’s quite understandable.

This is a limbo zone between needing something beyond basic email functionality and an expensive marketing tool.

Besides looking at a full-fledged email marketing program, there are a couple of options for you to send mass emails in Gmail.

You can either use Gmail’s native functionality or simply opt for a third-party extension if your volume of work is considerably large. Let’s go into detail about each option.

How to Send Mass Emails in Gmail

Managing Contacts in an Excel or Google Spreadsheet

Such files give you the advantage of creating, editing, or deleting any line quite conveniently, compared to doing it in the Recipients field of your Gmail account.

You then simply have to copy and paste the list to your To or Bcc field.

However, there are certain limitations to this method. Firstly, it requires you to constantly juggle through browser windows or tabs to get the job done.

Moreover, there isn’t a defined way to send the emails in the form of a campaign, so that every recipient gets their copy of the message and the list of all the other recipients is hidden.

Although you can paste the contacts in the Bcc field to hide them from each other, do remember that some spam filters might mark your email as spam if you do so.

Your recipients also could mark it as spam after they receive it.

Using a Gmail Extension

Most of the users are comfortable with a Gmail extension, as it seems convenient and low-key. Mailtrack is a popular and free solution for email tracking, link tracking, and other productivity features.

How to Send Mass Emails in Gmail-1

Using Mailtrack Lists, you can make a list for your book club, dinner club, important clients, extended family, or board members.

Different groups can list the same email as well, which makes sending mass emails to different addresses extremely easy.

Since extensions like Mailtrack integrate with Chrome, you don’t have to open any other program or window on your browser.

Mailtrack simply adds more functionality to your Gmail experience, with different options for sending and tracking mass emails.

It can turn your Gmail account into a nimble marketing machine through Mailtrack Campaigns.

Opening the extension will start a Mailtrack Campaign. The To field is now called Recipients. You can then proceed as follows:

  1. Type email addresses manually into the “Recipients” field, or follow the next step.

How to Send Mass Emails in Gmail-2

2. Start sending your Mailtrack Campaign from Mailtrack Lists instead. Navigate to the “Lists” option on the left-side in Gmail and create a mailing list.

How to Send Mass Emails in Gmail-3

3. Now select “Compose Campaign” to send an individually tracked message for your email to up to 200 contacts at once.

How to Send Mass Emails in Gmail-4

Mailtrack Campaign separates bulk emails into individual messages before they are sent. This makes your email bypass spam filters that may flag it for undisclosed contacts. Thus, sending mass emails using Mailtrack is a lot safer for your email account than just relying on Gmail.

Wrapping Up

Since Gmail doesn’t offer a dedicated feature for sending mass emails, it’s crucial to realize your needs and act accordingly. While using a spreadsheet to manage the list of recipients can be useful, it’s not recommended if that list is long.

We hope that this article will help you with mass emails, do let us know if you have any questions.

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