The first thing is to make sure you have the appropriate equipment.

Then put on your skates and stand up on them with one foot placed in front of the other.

You should be holding onto something with both hands and then bend your knees and push off into a glide.

If you want to move forward, start pushing with one foot, otherwise if you want to go backwards, use the opposite leg. To stop, just push back towards the supporting foot as you continue to bend your knees.

Your arms and hands should be moving in opposition to the direction you want to go so for forward movement, move your hands back and arms forwards while bending your knees until you pick up speed.

For backwards or stopping, pull your elbows into your body and drive them out behind you as your bend your knees.

One of the things that makes skating such a great cardio workout is that you can also use it as a form of strength training. If you’re grinding from one side to the other, you’re working your glutes and quad muscles as well as those in your core.

Another way to strengthen your body while having fun is by doing a routine called power skating where you push off repeatedly with your leg and hop on the other while bending your knees, rotating your torso and arms in opposition.

When increasing speed, think of skating as a series of starts and stops. To increase speed from one glide to the next, push with one foot, pick up that leg and then quickly put it down again before doing the same thing with the opposite leg. This is where you get the majority of your speed from.

To skate faster, be sure to keep a low center of gravity by bending your knees and hips at all times while leaning forward slightly which will make you more stable on skates. You should also try to get your feet as close to under your body as possible for optimal speed.

When going on the offensive, you’ll want to think about where your opponent is going and then go there first or at least block them from getting there.

You can do this by skating backwards as fast as possible until you’re behind them after which point you should be able to make a move on them with ease since they won’t be expecting you to be moving towards them.

When skating backwards, try to keep your straighter, wider leg position which is similar to how you would stand if wearing skis. Raising up onto the balls of your skates will also help with this.

Be sure to bend your knees and lean forward at all times while keeping your arms in opposition to the direction you’re traveling in.

Whenever possible, do what is called a crossover where you skate from one side of the rink to the other and then back again, first crossing over your outside foot and then your inside foot.

The wider apart your feet are when doing this; the faster you’ll move so make sure they’re as far apart as possible.

Crossovers are also used when changing direction so if you’re skating forwards and then want to turn left, do a crossover on your right foot while turning your body in that direction. Repeat the process using the opposite leg and direction you’re headed for right turns.

To skate backwards while still facing forward, keep one leg slightly behind the other with your weight resting on the back foot. This is an effective movement for circling the rink quickly and also works well when you’re trying to pick up speed.

When turning, always lean into it by pushing off gently with the same leg that you need to turn towards while keeping your body leaning in that direction as well.

You can also lean into it by crossing one foot over the other but this is more difficult so only use it when necessary.

So this is how to roller skate.

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