Here are the steps to reupholster a chair.

1. Remove the chair seat cover by unzipping the cover and pulling it off.

2. Clean the fabric of your choice. Use an upholstery cleaner, soap and water, or a furniture cleaner specifically made for this purpose.

4. Cut strips of fabric to overlap about 4 inches on all sides of the chair seat cover with 1/2 inch extra on each end for attaching to the frame rails.

5. Attach the strips of fabric using an upholstery staple gun (keeping in mind that there should be at least 8 staples per strip). Apply staples every 3-4 inches along the length of the strip to secure it to chair back cover and run long lines or “X”s to reinforce seams.

6. Flip the chair seat cover over and re-attach to the chair base.

7. Re-attach the fabric covered seat back to the rest of the chair by sliding it into place under the staples holding the bottom portion in place, then zipping it closed at top right.

8. If necessary, replace your chair seat cover

Put it back on. Just reverse the process you used to take it off. Pull the cover over the seat, then zip closed the bottom right side of your chair cover. And that’s all there is to it.

So this is how to Reupholster a Chair.

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