The best way to rack pool balls is to have them on the table then start by putting the 1 Ball in the 2 Ball spot.

You then go to put the 3 Ball into the 4 Ball spot. Then, you put the 5 ball onto the 6 ball spot.

Next, you stack up all of your balls so that they are not touching by one another and have the 8 ball in the corner.

After this, you have to turn over your 9 ball so it can be against your 10 ball spot. Once this is done, you should turn over all of your balls on your side of the table once again so that they are not overlapping with each other.

Finally, put your thumb into that space between each set of balls until they are all in place.

This process can be done to get the 9 ball, 10 ball, 11 ball and 12 balls set up to get them out of the way if you are playing by yourself or with friends.

If you do this for each one before putting them back down, it will make life easier when trying to stack your other pool balls.

So this is how to Rack Pool Balls.

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