In this article, you will learn about spider plant and how you can propagate it.

What is a Spider Plant

A spider plant is a houseplant that has large, broad fingers and clusters of deep-green leaves that form a rosette.

It usually grows between 10 to 30 inches. It can grow to be taller and wider than this, but it will remain at the same height when grown in containers.

How to propagate Spider Plant

It is a perennial and very easy to care for plant. If you keep it in a hanging basket, the long stems can cascade over the side.

How to propagate spider plant

Spider plants can be propagated from a mature plant or – to a limited degree – by division. Whenever you propagate a spider plant, try to maintain the leaf color and shape as close as possible to that of the parent.

Spider plants are great for beginners, they seem very easy to care for, but there are some key things that will make them thrive. The plant needs lots of direct light and water.

Also, try to keep them in a cool room with an ambient temperature of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is best to propagate spider plant from leaf cuttings, but this method has a low success rate. In short, the most reliable way to propagate a spider plant is by dividing it.

In order to divide your spider plant, take a sharp, clean knife and cut the plant (stem) into two pieces.

Some people like to cut it into 3 or 4 pieces as well, but you can’t really divide spider plant into more than 2 parts as the plant will then just become a clump of leaves.

Use a rooting hormone for spider plants , if possible.

Place the plant in some sort of container with well-draining soil. You can use small clay or plastic pots or egg carton planters , for instance.

The best compost to use is a mixture of 50% perlite and 50% enriched potting compost (No fertilizer). Make sure that the pots are not too wet, especially in the winter.

Water weekly during spring and summer, less often in autumn and hardly at all during the winter .

Place the spider plant(s) in a well-lit spot. Ideally, they should be kept between 55 degrees F 25 degrees C ) and 100 degrees F 38 degrees C ) throughout the year. Make sure that you water the plant once it starts drooping.

Also, make sure that you spray spider plants with distilled water at least once a day during hot summer days.

When spider plant has enough space it will flower profusely.

Maintain these conditions and your spider plant should live for many years.

So that’s how to propagate Spider Plant.

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