LinkedIn is a great place to list any job openings your firm has.

With LinkedIn, you’ll be able to connect with a pool of highly talented and qualified individuals that makes hiring a smooth ride.

Any position that you will post on LinkedIn will provide a great opportunity for job searchers to locate it through the LinkedIn network.

Let’s have a look at How to Post a Job on LinkedIn for Free.

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn for Free

It’s simple to post a job on LinkedIn for free. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to your LinkedIn homepage and click the “Jobs” icon in the top bar.

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn for Free-1

Step 2: Next, click the “Post a free job” button, which is indicated below.

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn for Free-2

Step 3: A new pop-up will appear, prompting you to fill up the Job title, Job location, and Employment Type fields; the company name will display by default, as it does on the company website. After you’ve filled in these details, click “Get started for free.”

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn for Free-3

Step 4: You’ll be asked to fill out the “Job Details” section. In the text box, write a job description, pick the skills you desire in the position (up to ten), and tell us how you heard about us. (Radio, podcast, TV, internet ad, and more alternatives will be available.)

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn for Free-4

Step 5: Fill out the “How would you like to receive applicants?” part in this area. You must choose how you will be notified of applications in this area. If you want to receive applications through email, you’ll be able to use the applicant management tools, which include filters, review options, and applicant rating.

You must now complete the review screening questions. Adding more than three review screening questions is an excellent idea. The applicants must answer all of the review questions.

When you’re finished, scroll down to the bottom of the form and select “Post your job.”

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn for Free-5

Step 6: You’ll have two options here: “Select free” or “Promote Job.” Because we are posting the position for free, you must select the “Select free” option. Your job will then be visible to candidates all over the world.

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn for Free-6

Step 7: After completing the preceding steps, your job advertisement should look like this. You can quickly see applications, and once you’ve picked a few, you can easily close the position by pressing the “Close job” option.

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn for Free-7

So there you have it: a simple method for posting a free job on LinkedIn.

I hope that this article was helpful for you. In case you have any questions or queries, you can ask them in the comments section given below.

Source: LinkedIn Help

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