Here are some tips on how to pop your ears!

  • You can press on the back of your ears. This will release pressure and might stop your ears from popping with pressure.
  • Put a cold towel on your forehead to help shrink the blood vessels in your head. This will reduce the amount of air that is trying to get into your ear, which may then help relieve some of the popping sensation.
  • Drink more water. Being dehydrated will cause more pressure in your body, including in your ear canals. If you are not hydrated enough, the air bubbles in your ear might stay there until they are popped by even more air coming into them.
  • Apply moist heat packs over the ears, this may also help with popping.
  • Try yawning or swallowing. These simple tasks can help the pressure equalize, but be careful not to blow too hard as you could damage your ears.
  • Chewing gum during takeoff and landing has been shown to help with ear popping, however it can also lead to excessive jaw pain due to increasing blood flow into your teeth.

So this is how you can pop your ears.

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