The following is a basic, informative explanation of how to play chess:

1) At the beginning of the game, you and your opponent will each move one of your pieces, usually a pawn.

2) Each player will then go on to make their next move and in turn, continue in this fashion until they decide to “capture” an opposing piece or their king which ends the game.

3) You can attempt to capture any piece as long as it is not your own king by moving one of your pieces adjacent to an opponent’s piece so that it stands next to it on such a side as enables your piece to attack it.

4) To win the game, you must either capture all of your opponent’s pieces or their king.

5) There are 5 different types of pieces, each with its own purpose: The bishop moves any number of vacant squares diagonally and can capture an opposing piece on the corner square that it lands on.

The rook can move to any unoccupied space within a straight line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Interestingly, the Queen can move any number of vacant squares in a straight line whether it is horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The knight moves to any unoccupied space within a “L” shape in a 2-by-1 fashion.

The pawn moves forward 1 vacant square at a time and captures an opposing piece if it lands on the square diagonally in front of it.

Pawns can move other pawns forward 1 space to protect them from capture and only one may do this per turn.

This article is mostly informative with a few bits of instruction and descriptive information about the rules and movement of the pieces and possible strategies in chess. It does not mention anything about how to win at chess, strategic moves, or strategic advice.

So this is a basic guide on how to play chess.

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