When picking a watermelon, it’s best to be aware of where and how the watermelon was grown. Picking a watermelon that is grown in the ground is going to take a lot more time and effort than one that was grown in a field.

This is because a watermelon grown in the ground will have to go through the dirt, roots and rocks.

Watermelons are very fragile; they can easily break or crack if dropped or mishandled. So before you go grocery shopping, make sure you know how to pick one out.

The most common way to do this is by looking for the spot.

The spot is the stem of where the watermelon was connected to the vine before it was picked. This green area will have a dry brownish color if left on for too long, so be sure to pick out your watermelons where you can cut this off easily.

It is also important that you refrain from picking too big a watermelon to take home.

If it’s too big, chances are that the inside is not filled in and ripe enough and you will be disappointed when cutting into it at home.

And avoid picking watermelons that have been handled roughly or kept in cold storage [at grocery stores] for too long.

This will cause the watermelon to taste bad, look faded and “cottony”.

If you take into account these simple steps, then picking out your own watermelon for this summer should be a breeze.

So this is how you can pick a watermelon.

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