One of the best ways to pick a lock, according to America’s locksmith association, is with a long paperclip.

The idea behind this method is that the paperclip offers the leverage needed to force one of its ends into the lock’s keyhole and manipulate it in order to unlock it.

Insert one end of the paperclip into the bottom of the keyhole and position it diagonally upward.

Next insert another end of the paperclip about an inch above and then push both ends at once to force one end into the lock while keeping other end in place.

Once one end has been pushed into lock by approximately half an inch, use your fingers on top of each piece of metal, and move them gently downward until you feel the clip hit a pin.

Repeat this motion until you hear one of your pins click into place, ensuring that you are now free to rotate the deadbolt with ease.

Another method of lock picking is to insert something thin and metal about an inch below the keyhole.

If this is not long enough it can be inserted more than once. Then either push or pull the object so that it lifts each pin one by one, and only once all have been lifted will the metal part be able to turn freely and open your lock.

Yet another method of picking a lock with a paperclip is to place a bobby pin at a 45 degree angle about an inch from the top and first curve the upper half inward towards the first curve using a ballpoint pen.

Once this is done, insert another bobby pin at a 45 degree angle about an inch from the bottom and turn it so that it lifts each pin as you move up or down as needed to release them all at once.

This will allow you to open your lock by moving the pick left or right. Do this until you hear a click to tell that one of your pins has fallen into place. This will then allow you to rotate the door handle and open your door.

So this is how to pick a lock with a paperclip.

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