Twitch is a video live streaming website based in the United States that specializes in video game live streaming, including esports competition broadcasts. Music broadcasts, artistic content, and, most lately, “in real life” streaming are also available. Twitch Interactive, an, Inc. subsidiary, runs it.

To mod someone on Twitch means to make them the moderator.

How to mod someone on Twitch

If you want to learn how to mod someone on Twitch, then this short and quick article will give you all the required details to mod someone on Twitch.

How to mod someone on Twitch

Follow these steps to mod someone on Twitch:

Using the /mod chat command:

  • Direct your focus to the stream conversation after you’re broadcasting and the person you want to be a moderator with is in your chatroom.
  • Type the command “/mod username” in the conversation (without the quotes).
  • The name of the user you’re adding as a mod will replace “username.” /mod HowToAssisstant, for example.
  • If you send the message, that individual will be promoted to moderator.

Using their user profile:

  • When the person you wish to mod is in the stream conversation, click their username to make them a moderator.
  • There will be an icon with a person’s outline and a plus sign next to it beneath their profile overview. They’ll be added as a moderator if you click it.

Also, you can find additional information on the official Twitch website on how to mod someone on Twitch.

I hope that this article has helped you in some way. If you still have any questions regarding this, then you can post them in the comments section provided below this post.

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