Tanghulu is a Chinese dessert, made of gelatin and sweet syrup. The word tanghulu comes from the ancient Chinese language, meaning “to turn upside down”.

The ingredients are simple: one cup of milk, two cups of sugar, and two packets of cream of tartar.

Mix the cream of tartar and sugar into a bowl, then add half of the milk. Stir until mixed.

Pour this mixture into a cooking pan, and heat it on low for about 30 minutes to an hour (or until it reaches about 116-118°F).

Then you need to cool it down and steam it. The temperature needs to be below 110°F (or 43.3°C).

After that, add the rest of the milk and let it cool for about 3 hours in a refrigerator. Then you can enjoy this sweet treat.

So this is how to make Tanghulu.

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