In this article you will learn how to make a pinwheel from scratch.

What is a Pinwheel

A pinwheel is an American toy consisting of a plastic, paper, or cardboard wheel mounted on an axle supported by two vertical sticks.

The wheel is set spinning quickly by means of a string attached to its center.

What is a Pinwheel - How to make Pinwheels

Pinwheels are often seen at outdoor events in the summertime, for example at county fairs and other celebrations.

How to make Pinwheels

To make a pinwheel, you need two pieces of cardboard, either large cereal boxes or the ends of toilet paper tubes.

Cut each one into 3″ x 6″ strips. Draw lines on the right edge on both strips about 1/2 inch apart that are equally spaced around the perimeter.

Make sure your lines don’t go through the center hole on either strip. Snap or cut off one of the sections on either side so that they both have six sections in which you drew lines.

Lay one strip with lines facing up and place another strip with lines facing down right over it, lining up the holes so that they are touching.

With a pencil or pen, poke two holes on top where there is no line–these will be your sticks.

Now try poking the holes on the bottom through the top strip using a pencil or pen. If it’s difficult, use a sturdy needle instead.

Thread one stick all the way up to where both strips are touching and tie it tightly in place with some string, yarn, ribbons, etc.

Leave about 3″ of string on each side to make it easier for little fingers to hold. Repeat with the other stick and string. Your pinwheel is now ready to decorate!

Once you’ve decorated your Pinwheel, cut two 2″ x 6″ strips of paper (or cereal box).

Fold them in half width-wise, then fold each one in half again, width-wise. Poke a hole the width of your sticks on each end and thread them through.

Tape them to the bottom of the sticks. Now you can hold onto the sticks and spin the wheel!

So that’s how to make Pinwheels.

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