To make handcuffs out of a belt, you’re going to need:

  • One belt, or two belts that can be tied together.
  • Two metal rings (approximately ¾ inch in diameter).
  • A pair of pliers.
  • One carabiner clip.

If you’re using two belts, tie them together with a slip knot to create one long belt. If you’re just using one belt, keep reading to the next step.

Make sure that your metal rings are large enough to fit your carabiner clip through without it falling off.

Cut the belt. Cut it with about an inch of excess on either side of the buckle.

Tie one metal ring to each end of the belt. Make sure there is enough room so that you can fit your hands through.

Your tie job does not need to be super-tight or super-professional at this point; it just needs to hold the metal rings in place.

Feed one of the carabiner’s gates through both metal rings, so that it clips onto itself when closed.

Your handcuffs are complete! Now you just need someone to handcuff you.

So this is how to make Handcuffs out of a Belt.

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