Are you shy at making new friends? Want to make some good buddies but don’t know how? If so, this article is for you. Whether you’re a college student looking for people to have lunch with or a newcomer in a new city who wants to meet your neighbors, we’ve got some simple suggestions that’ll help you get the ball rolling. Sit back, read on, and don’t be shy!

One of the most common concerns people have is making friends. There are so many potential pitfalls in meeting new people (and possible rejection) that it’s easy to feel like staying locked in your house forever is a better option than risking your self-esteem with a friendly chat. But however scary it seems, meeting new friends is something that everyone needs to do sometimes in order to have a more fulfilled life.

So if you’re having trouble making friends, here are some simple suggestions that’ll help you break the ice and get your social life going:

  • Smile at everyone! You never know when someone might be feeling as shy as you, and a smile is the surest way to break the ice.
  • Start with a compliment – to a stranger on their shirt or ring or hairstyle, or even just commenting on the weather. Everyone loves a compliment because it flatters us and makes us feel good, and if someone responds well to it, this is an excellent opportunity for you to strike up a conversation! Look at what they’re wearing or doing; something has attracted your attention.
  • Be kind. If you want people to like you, be nice-this will make them like you before they even realize who you are. If you’re kind, people will gravitate towards you. It may sound simple, but if everyone was more agreeable the world would be a much more peaceful place (and making friends would be that much easier).
  • Volunteer! Volunteering is not only good for our community; it’s an excellent way to meet others who share your values and fun to do as well. You’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded, good-hearted people who love what they’re doing and want to give back. Volunteering is also a great way to learn new skills and meet new people!
  • Get online! Whether you’ve just moved or you’re looking to make new friends, sites like are great for connecting with people who have the same interests as you and getting together to do things that interest you. Not only is it a fantastic way to meet new people, but it’s also a chance to try something new-and who knows-you might love it!
  • Make a list of all the things you like. And we don’t just mean Hobbies – we’re talking favorite foods, places to shop, and musicians – enough so that your list is long and comprehensive. Then find someone who has one or two of those interests and strike up a conversation! It’s an easy way to find something to talk about, and if you’re really passionate about the topic, they’ll be equally as enthusiastic.
  • When you meet someone new who seems interesting or wants to talk to you, ask lots of questions! It’s a proven fact that people love talking about themselves, so let them. Get personal and find out where they work, where they’re from, what their family is like, or even just goofy questions that show you’re interested. The fact that you took the time to care will make them feel special and valued-and this might be all it takes for them to become your newest friend!

Remember: Don’t let fear of rejection keep you from reaching out to people. Share your interests, be friendly, and show that you’re interested in them-and who knows? Your next best friends might be right around the corner!

Now get out there, make some friends, and start enjoying life to the fullest!

So this is how to make Friends.

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