It’s not difficult to make butter. All you need are some heavy cream, a bowl, and a stovetop. The process is simple: heat the cream until it reaches 38° C/100° F, let it cool down for 10 minutes or so, pour into the bowl, and then beat it for about 10 minutes with an electric mixer or spoon.

No refrigeration is needed during this process. When you’re done beating the milk-fat globules will have risen to the top of the cream, but if they haven’t fully separated from the liquid fat-solids in the bowl after ten minutes you can turn off the mixer or stop stirring by hand.

Pour off all but about one cup of the liquid, and then pour the small amount of remaining liquid into a clean container for storage. You can use it in your coffee or tea.

The globules will have separated out into butter solids and pure butterfat. The butter solids are what you’re after at this point, so scrape them off the top of the original bowl and pour them into a new bowl, turning the solids on top of the liquid fat in the original bowl back over so that they form a small pool.

Now you can pour off all but about one cup of the pure butterfat and add it to your container for storage and transfer the rest of the butter solids from both bowls to a new bowl.

The butter solids contain a little bit of milk-fat, so you can add them back to the original bowl with the pool of pure fat and repeat this process several times until you have nothing but pure butterfat in the bottom of the final bowl.

Once all that’s left is just pure butterfat you can pour it into a container for storage. This is what you’re going to use to turn potatoes into perfect mashed potatoes, create the flakiest pie crusts, enrobe your steaks with that irresistible brown crust, cook fried eggs to golden perfection.

So this is how to make Butter.

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